Week 17

Consistently directing our attention to the manifestation of our ideal state allows us to identify with the feeling necessary to achieve this state. In the process, this method will destroy all forms of fear.

Psychological forces are expressions of nature. They react or respond to a cause. The cause is our thought. How we think not only affects us, it affects others because we are all outlets of the same power source. We give thought. We receive thought

“Spiritual truth” is integrity–possessing/possessed by thoughts and actions that correspond with our desire (a desire in harmony with our ideal state, which is a state of unity with Cosmic Consciousness).

Our desire must support the right of life to thrive

Our rate of vibration determines how others feel in our presence and comes through in the way we treat others and ourselves

In every interaction, to find success there must be harmony between our thoughts and desires

Mind- the engine of thought, is responsible for producing the thoughts that are build experience

Concentration is the greatest personal achievement that can be acquired.

As we redirect our attention toward thoughts that support our ideal state, we will become more aware of the distinct voice of  intuition. This is the voice of our authentic Self guiding us forward in the individuation process.

Gods, devils, and deities are symbols of biological drives and cognitive forces. If we lose track of the meaning of these symbols, then the power contained within the symbols may not be accessed.

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