1st Key (b)

(1.2) All possession is based on consciousness.

(1.12) Constructive thinking is the condition precedent of all constructive action.

(1.22) Invisible forces are then set in motion which inevitably bring about conditions in correspondence with our thought.

Possession–in this context–refers to thoughts that possess us. All thoughts indicate a specific mental state, which may be described, in other contexts, as forces, gods, or demons.

Constructive thinking is the initiative to direct our attention toward visualizing conditions that support our ideal state will lead to engaging in activities that also support our ideal state. As a result, the “invisible forces” within collective consciousness begin to support our ideal state.

The forces of the individual mind are the microcosm. The forces of Universal Mind are the macrocosm.

(1.29) Intuition is superior to reason because it does not depend upon existence or memory and frequently brings about conditions by methods of which we are in entire ignorance.

(1.19) The advantage of spiritual methods is they are always available.

(1.9) Discord, disharmony, lack, and limitation, are the result of destructive thinking.

Intuition is the “voice” of our authentic Self, as distinct from ego. Our authentic Self is the microcosm and shares sympathetic resonance with our Primordial Self (macrocosm).

Spiritual methods consist of the ability to direct our thoughts towards achieving specific goals in harmony with our ideal state.

Destructive thinking is any thought that is entertained that does not support the emergence of our ideal state, which is a state of unity with cosmic consciousness.


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