1st Key (c)

(1.3) We relate to the objective world by the objective mind. The brain is the organ of this mind.

(1.13) Knowledge of the truth is the underlying condition necessary for every business transaction and social relation.

(1.23) Spiritual truth is the control factor in this method of thought.

Our senses are how we “upload” information to objective mind. Ego interprets this sensory information from past experience and current belief systems. This interpretation is what we refer to as truth.

A knowledge that truth is decided by the individual mind is what makes truth subjective. A knowledge that this process is facilitated by thought is what makes truth spiritual.

(1.28) Concentration operates by the development of perception, wisdom, insight, and sagacity.

(1.18) The secret to the solution of every problem to apply spiritual truth.

(1.8) Desirable and harmonious conditions are the result of constructive thinking.

Concentration is the byproduct. Perception, wisdom, insight, and sagacity are the ingredients.

When we apply concentration (directed attention) towards truth, we have discovered the solution of every problem.

Constructive thinking supports the emergence of cosmic consciousness and a unity between the individual with this consciousness.

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