1st Key (e)

(1.5) The Universal Mind is the life principle of every atom in existence.

(1.15) If the premise is false, we are unable to form a conception of the results that may ensue.

(1.25) Thought is transmuted into character and character is the magnet that creates the environment of the individual.

Universal Mind originates form within cosmic consciousness and is in sympathetic resonance with the collective unconscious.

Archetypes are behavior blueprints that are universal to all humans. Specific mental states are identified with specific archetypes and are further understood as psychological “forces” and biological “drives.” This knowledge forms the foundation of what is called truth. By getting to know the “forces” and “drives” that motivate all human behavior, we can readily predict the outcome of our interactions with others. Ignorance or disregard of this knowledge, is what is referred to, in this context, as “false.”

Our thoughts affect the rate of vibration that others–consciously or subconsciously– receive. This rate of vibration is what we refer to as “character.”

(1.26) The mental aspect is the control factor of every commercial pursuit.

(1.16) We may know the truth by a recognition of the fact that truth is the vital principle of the universe and, therefore, omnipresent.

(1.6) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the Universal and bring it into existence.

The mental aspect is our knowledge of the creative nature of thought and our ability to control it; our ability to choose what to think. To direct attention, intentionally.

Truth is a recognition that all form emerges from the same creative source of potential, and within this primordial soup, patterns emerge. If we place ourselves in harmony with these patterns, the Universe seems friendly. If we are not in harmony with these patterns, the Universe seems hostile.

Thought is what either places us in harmony or in opposition to the patterns of nature.

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