2nd Key (d)

(2.4) The conscious mind has the faculty of discrimination. It has the power of reasoning. It is the seat of the incentive and may impress the subconscious.

(2.14) Life originates in the inorganic world only by the introduction of a living form; there is no other way.

(2.24) The Universal creates form by means of the individual.

The conscious mind allows us to comprehend ourselves creating experience. Across nature, life is brought forth from life, just as form is the result of imagination.

(2.27) This principle is brought into effect by the law of vibration.

(2.17) Causation depends upon polarity. A circuit must be formed. The Universal is the positive side of the battery of life, the individual is the negative, and thought forms the circuit.

(2.7) If our desires are in harmony with the positive side of the battery of life, forces will be set in motion to bring about the desired result.

All form is produced by the vibration of thought oscillating between extremes. Our search for meaning is contrasted with the non-duality of the unconscious. Exestentalism creates polarity.

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