3rd key (b)

(3.2) The sympathetic system of nerves is the organ of the subconscious mind.

(3.12) Inductive reasoning is a method of study which has revealed a reign of law which marks an epoch in human progress.

(3.22) Extremes are not separate entities but parts or aspects of the whole.

The subconscious can be “reset” by accessing the sympathetic nervous system. Inductive reasoning is a method of observation that allows us to gather information about our  subconscious default behaviors. We categorize the results of this information along a spectrum of extremes.

(3.29) Creative power originates in the Universal but can manifest itself, only, through the individual.

(3.19) The law of attraction is the principle by which faith is brought forth into manifestation.

(3.9) To awake the solar plexus, mentally state what is wanted.

Thinking allows the individual to access the creative potential of the Universe/Nature. Belief is the key to maintaining a predominant mental attitude. What we believe is our attitude. The solar plexus is “phone” by which we communicate our attitude to the Universal, and the Universal responds by using the solar plexus to distribute energy-via vibration–through our body and out from our body.


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