3rd Key (e)

(3.5) The result of the disruption of energy throughout the body is every ill which humans are afflicted.

(3.15) Jesus, Plato, and Swedenborg all advocated this teaching.

(3.25) Thought is the seed that results in action. Action results in form.

Ultimately, the nature of our thought is responsible for ensuring the distribution (or lack of) throughout our body. This has been recognized by a variety of prominent historical figures.

(3.26) Form depends upon the rate of vibration.

(3.16) We are thinking on the plane of the absolute where–having planted a seed–if left undisturbed, will germinate into fruition.

(3.6) This energy can be controlled and directed by conscious thought.

Thought radiates as vibration and influences our resonance between extremes. The “seed” is thought. Thought is the cause. How we perceive conditions are the effect.

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