4th Key (a)

(4.1) Thought is spiritual energy.

(4.11) Any purpose in life may be achieved through a scientific understanding of the spiritual nature of truth.

(4.21) Power depends upon recognition and use.

Truth is what we have chosen to believe. In this context, truth is subjective, not absolute. If it were not subjective, we would all agree on what truth is. The power of belief is a recognition that belief empowers us to act with confidence.

(4.30) What we do depends upon who we are. Who we are depends upon what we think, thus, our quality of thought determines experiences we meet in life.

(4.20) Wisdom is secured through concentration. It is an unfoldment. It comes from within.

(4.10) The silence is the first step toward self control; self mastery.

Actions are based on the thoughts that precede them. The more concentrated our directed attention is upon the action, the greater the impact of our action. Silencing internal dialogues is the goal. Silencing our physical body (remaining still) is a step toward this achievement. We must learn to rest.

(1.1) The world without is a reflection of the world within.

Quieting the physical body helps quiet the mind.

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