4th Key (b)

(4.2) Thought is carried by the law of vibration.

(4.12) Knowledge of our power, courage to dare, and the faith to do so is necessary to manifest the ideal.

(4.22) Recognition is consciousness.

Just as sound is carried by waves–radio waves of the resonance of speech–thought is, similarly, carried by vibrating waves. As we come to understand the power of thought to influence conditions and people, we develop the confidence to think intentionally. This recognition encourages the emergence of consciousness.

(4.29) Inspiration is the art of self-realization–the art of adjusting the individual mind to the Universal mind; a recognition of the omnipresence of omniscience.

(4.19) It is impossible for the mind to grasp an entirely new idea if there is not a corresponding vibratory cell capable of receiving the idea.

(4.9) The silence is a physical stillness.

Inspiration comes from a recognition of the emergence of consciousness, which is supported by our initiative to ensure our thoughts and behavior encourage this emergence within all living beings. We should reinforce this initiative constantly, as repetition is the best method for (re)programing our subconscious. The ability to be physically still is a step toward allowing the mind to become still.


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