4th Key (c)

(4.3) Thought is given vitality by the law of love.

(4.13) A practical working knowledge of cause and effect is secured by an understanding of natural law.

(4.23) We become conscious of power by thinking.

“Love” is the desire for life to thrive. Thought infused with love is, necessarily, not self serving. Love is the foundation of Natural law. When we apply this understanding to our thinking, we have discovered cause and effect. When we think with intention, we become conscious of power.

(4.28) Lack, limitation, disease, disharmony, and discord are the result of the exact same law. This law acts relentlessly and is continuously brings about conditions in correspondence with the thought that originates or creates them.

(4.18) A solution to our problem seems difficult is we are uninformed or inexperienced.

(4.8) We get what we give.

Cause and effect is always working, despite intention. If we do not understand this, we may reinforce suffering by entertaining destructive thoughts. If we direct destructive thoughts toward others (cause), we experience the effects.

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