4th Key (d)

(4.4) Thought takes form by the law of growth.

(4.14) The effect of an understanding of natural law is a conscious recognition that we can adjust ourselves to divine and unchanging principles.

(4.24) Constructive thinking is the great business of life.

When we become aware of how our thought is a cause and form is an effect, we can adjust our thoughts to produce the growth we desire. This is constructive thinking.

(4.27) The Universal Mind is the basic fact of all existence.

(4.17) Every thought that is impregnated with love is invincible because this is a natural law.All natural laws are invincible, unchangeable, and act with mathematical exactitude–without deviation or variation.

(4.7) The secret of power is service.

Universal mind is the fountain of all creative potential. Love is an expression of our intentional support of this creative potential for the good of everyone. Directing our thoughts toward the good of all beings is how we serve others.

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