Crossover Weel #10 (b)

(3.2) The sympathetic system of nerves is the organ of the subconscious mind.

(4.2) Thought is carried by the law of vibration.

(4.12) Knowledge of our power, courage to dare, and the faith to do so, are necessary steps to materialize the ideal.

(3.12) Inductive reasoning is a method of study which reveals a reign of law which marks an epoch in human progress.

(3.22) These are not separate entities but parts or aspects of the whole.

(4.22) Recognition is consciousness.

The sympathetic system of nerves absorbs information from vibration. Thought is carried by vibration. To materialize the ideal we must understand that all form is vibration. This can be observed through inductive reasoning. Extremes are either side of a spectrum. Awareness is a spectrum of consciousness states.

(4.29) Inspiration is the art of self realization. It is the art of adjusting the individual mind to the Universal mind; a recognition of the omnipresence of omniscience.

(3.29) Creative power originates in the Universal but can manifest, only, through the individual.

(3.19) The law of attraction is the principle by which thought manifests in form.

(4.19) It is impossible for the mind to grasp an entirely new idea if there is not a corresponding vibratory cell capable of receiving the idea.

(4.9) The “silence” is a physical stillness.

(3.9) To awake the solar plexus, mentally concentrate on conditions you desire to see manifested in life.

Inspiration is any expression of alternate states of awarenesses. These alternate states originate from within the Universal. Expression becomes form through attraction. We learn by repetition. Remaining still is “the silence.” To awake our connection to the creative potential, we must direct our thought toward what we desire.



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