Half Stitch #5 (b)

(4.11) Any purpose in life may be achieved through a scientific understanding of the spiritual nature of truth.

(3.13) Need want and desire, in the largest sense, induce guide and determine action.

(2.18) Many fail to secure harmonious conditions because they do not understand this law–there is not polarity–they have not found the circuit.

(1.20) A recognition of the omnipotence of spiritual power and a desire to be a recipient of its beneficial effects is necessary for spiritual methods to be used.

Science is rooted in observation. Cause and effect is scientific fact because it causes consistently produce effects. Thought is the catalyst for all causes. The necessary polarity is accomplished, first, by thought–which is action and interaction between the individual and the Universal–which makes thought spiritual– and second, polarity is manifest in form through cause and effect. This unlimited power is utilized through initiative.

(1.11) Well doing is the imperative condition of all well being.

(2.13) A knowledge of cause and effects allows men to plan courageously and execute fearlessly.

(3.18) Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen.

(4.20) Wisdom is secured through concentration. It is an unfoldment. It comes from within.

Action determines reaction/response. Confidence is a result of observing the consistency of cause producing effect. Faith is a belief is the effect. Wisdom is concentrating attention on the cause that will produce the desired effect.

(4.18) A solution to our problem seems difficult if we are uninformed or inexperienced.

(3.20) An understanding of the law of attraction has eliminated the elements of caprice and uncertainty in mens lives and substituted law, reason, and certitude.

(2.10) Wealth is the offspring of power.

(1.13) A recognition of the truth is the underlying condition necessary for every business transaction and social relation.

Ignorance creates problems where there are none. An understanding of cause and effect eliminates problems. Wealth is the manifestation of our desires. We must embrace the truth (what we believe) or be consumed by the stories we tell ourselves and others to replace the truth.

(1.18) The secret to the solution of every problem is to apply spiritual truth.

(2.20) Thought will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation because thought is a product of the spiritual man, and spirit is the creative principle of the universe.

(3.11) Inductive reasoning is a process of the objective mind in which we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that gives rise to them all.

(4.13) A practical working knowledge of cause and effect is secured through an understanding of natural law. 

Spiritual truth is the application of cause and effect, which–necessarily–must include adjusting our thought and behavior to support our ideal state. We may discover what thoughts and behaviors support our ideal state through inductive reasoning. Cause and effect is always in harmony with the goal of nature, which is that all life thrives in an effort to become conscious of itself.

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