6th Key (a)

(6.1) Some of the effects that can be produced by electricity are heat, light, power, and music.

(6.11) All motion, light, heat and color have their origin in Universal energy, which is one form of Universal mind.

(6.21) Sickness can be eliminated by placing ourselves in harmony with natural law.

We are familiar with with the effects produced by electricity. Likewise, the Universal is the the “electricity” that produces form based on vibration. Sickness is one such vibration, and can be eliminated by altering the rate of vibration of the sickness.

(3.27) The rate of vibration may be changed by mental action (thinking). 

(6.30) True science and true religion are twin sisters; where the one goes, the other–necessarily–follows.

(6.20) The result of a harmonious mental attitude is harmonious conditions in life.

(6.10) We are learning the basic methods of constructive thinking. This is allowing us to control our feelings and multiply effects in the objective world.

Science is observation, religion is dogma. Dogma based on personal observations can be beneficial. Dogma based on the observations of others can be futile and destructive. Our attitude determines our feelings (conditions) which determine how we respond or react to our environment. This knowledge allows us to direct our attention toward thoughts that support the environment we desire. This is constructive thinking.


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