Crossover Week #11 (b)

(5.2) The vast mental storehouse–the subconscious–is generally not utilized.

(6.2) The effects of electricity can be changed by changing the mechanism to which electricity is attached.

(6.12) All motion, light, heat, and color, have their origin in Universal energy, which is one form of Universal Mind.

(5.12) We may know the method of observation is correct by not permitting a tyranical prejudice to neglect or mutilate unwelcome facts.

(5.22) The source of all power is Universal Mind, from which all things proceed and which is one and indivisible.

(6.22) We are spiritual beings and this spirit must, necessarily, be perfect.

The subconscious is generally neglected by the individual, despite the enormous control it has over our decisions. Just as we can change the effects caused by electricity, we can reprogram the defaults of the subconscious, which is empowered by Universal Energy. This begins with observation of our subconscious defaults. We, then, utilize the creative potential/power of the Universal-which empowers us to think–to redirect our attention. We can do this because we are spiritual beings, which means we can choose to direct our attention rather than simply be guided by our defaults.

(6.29) Mental therapeutics will meet every human requirement or necessity.

(5.29) This law is brought into operation by our predominant mental attitude.

(5.19) This knowledge explains the cause of every possible condition–spiritual, mental, or physical.

(6.19) The result of a change in thought is a change in experience.

(6.9) Concentration is so important because it allows us to control our thoughts, and since every thought is a cause, every condition is an effect, therefore if we control the cause, we control the effect.

(5.9) All life and power come from within.

Mental therapeutics is taking the initiative to direct and redirect attention. Our attention is guided by our predominant mental attitude. This explains the cause of every condition we feel. Directed attention determines how we feel (our experience). Concentration is the art of directing attention at the expense of distraction. Life and power originate within us; within the creative potential to create an experience of our greatest imagination.

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