Crossover Week #11 (e)

(5.5) The law of attraction is bringing us to “our own.”

(6.5) This mechanism is the brain.

(6.15) The individual is the means by which the Universal creates various combinations that result in the formation of phenomena.

(5.15) This principle destroys superstition, precedent and conventionality.

(5.25) The result is nothing less than marvelous. It opens unprecedented and limitless opportunities.

(6.25) The law of vibration is then brought into operation for the greater good.

Our experience is drawn towards events inspired by our predominant mental attitude. The brain allows us to create and “hold” thoughts. By thinking, we interact with creative potential (the Universal). When we understand that thought is the cause and feelings are the effects that produce phenomena, we know the secret of power. This discovery is marvelous. It means we can produce higher of=r lower rates of vibration based on thought.

(6.26) A higher rate of vibration governs, modifies, controls, changes, or destroys a lower rate of vibration.

(5.26) We may eliminate imperfect conditions by becoming conscious of our unity with the source of all power.

(5.16) These laws have been discovered by a generalization of facts that are unusual, rare, strange, and form the exception.

(6.16) The power of the individual to think is their ability to act upon Universal Energy, and what we think is produced or create in the objective world.

(6.6) This may be changed through the process called thinking. Thought produces brain cells and these cells respond to corresponding cells in the Universal/creative potential of Cosmic consciousness.

(5.6) “Our own” is who we inherently are, the result of all past thinking, both conscious and subconscious.

Producing a higher rate of vibration puts us in the drivers seat of experience. We can maintain this vibration by realizing thought produces vibration. We have learned this through observation of facts. Thinking allows us to interact with creative potential and produce effects in the objective world. We can change our attitude by directing our thoughts toward ideas and concepts that support our ideal state. Our attitude is determined by the history of our thinking.

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