7th Key (b)

(7.2) By holding a mental picture in mind, we gradually but surely draw the thing nearer to us.

(7.12) Difficulty and obstacle are necessary for wisdom and spiritual growth.

(7.22) We may be of the most service by keeping an open mind. Be interested in the race not the goal; the pursuit not the possession.

Visualization facilitates feeling. Even during difficulty and obstacle, we can maintain a positive mental state by feeling positive. An “open mind” is a mind without judgement or assumptions.

(7.29) This is the only principle ever used or can be used. There is none other.

(7.19) We do not have to laboriously shovel the darkness out. All that is required is to turn the light on. This same principle applies to every form of negative thought.

(7.9) Many fail because they focus on loss, disease and disaster. This law is working perfectly–fear is manifesting.

Cause and effect determines all form. By adjusting our thoughts/directing our attention to an ideal state, we “turn the light on.” By allowing our thoughts to focus on loss, disease, and disaster, we facilitate the maintenance of self destruction.

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