7th Key (d)

(7.4) “Seeing” creates “feeling,” “feeling” creates “being;” first the mental, then the emotional, then the unlimited possibilities of achievement.

(7.14) The law of attraction is the principle by which thought is manifested in form.

(7.24) Our greatest success will be achieved by a recognition of the fact that it is just as essential to give as it is to receive.

Visualization inspires feeling. Feeling is what empowers our mental pictures. We must feel our desires. Our mental pictures must cause us to feel. This is the “secret” to the Law of Attraction. In addition, our desires must be in service to others.

(7.27) Concentrating on sorrow and loss brings sorrow and loss.

(7.17) Undesirable conditions are brought about by thinking, discussing and visualizing conditions of lack, limitation, disease, inharmony and discord of every kind. That we reap what we sew is scientifically intact.

(7.7) The necessary condition for the manifestation of the ideal in the objective world is the law of attraction–the natural law by which all conditions and experiences are brought about.

Concentration is directed attention, which causes us to feel. What we think about will manifest in our perception of conditions.



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