7th Key (e)

(7.5) Each repeated action renders the image more accurate than the former.

(7.15) The law of love–which is the creative principle of the universe–adds vitality to thought while the law of attraction brings the necessary substance to growth.

(7.25) Financiers frequently meet with great success because they do their own thinking.

Repetition is how we reinforce behavior–for good or ill. Love empowers repetition. If we do our own thinking, we empower our desires rather than the desires of who may have done the thinking for us.

(7.26) The great majority remain docile and willing tools of the few because they allow the few to do their thinking for them.

(7.16) Desirable conditions are secured by entertaining desirable thoughts only.

(7.6) The material for the construction of these mental images is secured by millions of tiny workers-brain cells.

Think for yourself rather than allow others to think for you. Think about desirable conditions rather than undesirable ones to secure happiness.

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