8th Key (c)

(8.3) The imagination can be cultivated by practicing mental exercise. It must receive nourishment or it can not live.

(8.13) Success depends upon spiritual power.

(8.23) To absolutely convince yourself of the conditions you desire to see manifested in life is the method for destroying all forms of fear.

Imagination is the art of creating mental pictures that support our ideal state. Spiritual power is feeling.  It is not enough to create mental pictures, we must feel the emotion of these mental pictures/conditions to activate the power to destroy fear and realize the manifestation of our desires.

(8.28) The source of all inharmony is destructive thought.

(8.18) Thought is spiritual and, therefore, creative. To consciously control thought is to, therefore, control circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.

(8.8) The ideal held steadily in mind attracts the conditions necessary for its fulfillment.

Destructive thought is mental pictures and dialogues that do not support our ideal state/outcome. When we direct our thoughts toward our ideal, we are being creative.



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