8th Key (e)

(8.5) Mistakes are the result of ignorance.

(8.15) We may take our fate out of the hands of chance by constantly realizing the conditions we desire to see manifest in life.

(8.25) Universal Mind is the basic fact of all existence.

Ignorance is an absence of knowledge. Realizing conditions is actively visualizing and idealizing (feeling our mental pictures), which are empowered by the creative principle of the cosmos-Universal Mind.

(8.26) Universal Mind is omnipresent. There is no place it is not. It is, therefore, within you. It is all spirit and life.

(8.16) Thinking is the great business of life.

(8.6) Knowledge is a result of mans ability to think.

Universal Mind exists within all form. Humans have the ability to think, which is the ability to co-create with this creative principle, and results in knowledge.

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