Crossover Week #12 (b)

(7.2) By holding an image or picture in mind, we gradually–but surely–draw the thing nearer to us.

(8.2) The cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of the ideal, out of which your future will emerge.

(8.12) The true value of wealth is its exchange value.

(7.12) Difficulty and obstacle are necessary for wisdom and spiritual growth.

(7.22) We can be of the most service by keeping an open mind. Be interested in the race not the goal; the pursuit not the possession.

(8.22) We are spiritual beings and spirit must, necessarily, be perfect.

Visualization leads to manifestation, although how this manifests may not be in the way we visualize it, so it’s best to avoid becoming attached with a how. Bt exercising imagination regularly, we will develop a knowledge of our ideal state. Wealth means many things and may be considered what others value in/from us. Difficulty and obstacle provide us with an opportunity to apply our knowledge of cause & effect to transcend a reaction and create a response. In this way, we become of service to the greater plan of consciousness becoming aware of itself through our experiences and ability to transform reactions into responses. We have this opportunity to co-create, because we are spiritual beings.

(8.29) Constructive thinking is clear, decisive, calm, deliberate, sustained thought with a definite end in view.

(7.29) This is the only principle ever used or ever can be used. There is none other. That it may be used unconsciously does not alter the situation.

(7.19) We do not have to laboriously shovel the darkness out. All that is required is to turn the light on. This principle applies to every form of negative thought.

(8.19) The source of all harmony is constructive thought.

(8.9) The development of imagination, insight, perception and sagacity are the result of keen analytical observation.

(7.9) Many fail to secure harmonious conditions because they focus on loss, disease, and disaster. the law is working perfectly–fear is manifesting.

Constructive thinking is absent of uncertainty. Constructive and destructive thought are the factors of cause & effect. By actively choosing constructive thought, destructive thought evaporates. This is the secret of securing harmonious conditions. Keen analytical observation develops the qualities of thought that support Constructive thought. If we direct our attention to thoughts (causes) that do not support our ideal state, we will manifest undesired conditions.



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