Crossover Week #12 (e)

(7.5) Each repeated action renders the image more accurate than the former.

(8.5) Mistakes are a result of ignorance.

(8.15) We may take our fate out of the hands of chance by consciously realizing the conditions we desire to see manifested in life.

(7.15) The law of love-which is the creative principle of the Universe–adds vitality to thought while the law of attraction brings the necessary substance to growth.

(7.25) Financiers frequently meet with great success because they do their own thinking.

(8.25) Universal Mind is the totality of all existence.

Rumination in thought and/or action reinforces our perception of conditions. Ignorance is neglecting this principle. By feeling (realizing) the conditions we desire, we can change our perception, which allows us to respond to conditions rather than react to them. Love is expressed by applying compassion and empathy to others. We do our own thinking by separating the observer (intentional thought/response) from the the observed (reactionary thought). Universal Mind allows us to transcend “the observed” (first person experiencer) and “rise above” our reactions to respond with compassion and empathy.

(8.26) Universal Mind is omnipresent. There is nowhere it is not. It is, therefore, within you. It is all spirit and life.

(7.26) The great majority remain docile and willing tools of the few because they allow the few to do their thinking for them.

(7.16) Desirable conditions are secured by entertaining desirable thoughts, only.

(8.16) Thinking is the great business of life.

(8.6) Knowledge is a result of mans ability to think.

(7.6) The material for the construction of these mental images is secured by millions of tiny workers-brain cells.

Universal Mind (original divine consciousness) exists within us not somewhere “out there.” Those looking for god/desses “out there” are allowing others to do their thinking for them.  We determine how we feel by the thoughts we entertain. Thinking determines how we perceive experience. Applied learning is knowledge. Thinking happens as a result of brain cells mirroring thoughts in the Universal (primordial). 





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