Half Stitch #6 (b)

(8.11) Wealth depends upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought.

(7.13) Suffering may be avoided by placing ourselves in harmony with natural law.

(6.18) All things originate in mind.

(5.20) Our best interest will be conserved by a recognition of the fact that knowledge of the creative power of thought puts us in touch with infinite power.

Wealth is abundance (not limited to money) and may be acquired by securing a predominant mental attitude that supports this goal. In this way, we may avoid suffering (lack of abundance). All things originate with our perception of conditions. Thought is the key that allows us to access infinite power.

(5.11) Observe individual facts carefully, patiently, and accurately, before venturing to make a statement of natural law.

(6.13) The creative power of thought originates in Universal Mind.

(7.18) We may overcome all fear, lack, limitation, disease, poverty, and discord of every by substituting principle for error.

(8.20) Constructive thinking is a recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy and our ability to control it.

Giving voice to our thoughts (making a statement) creates perception-altering “truths,” because thought corresponds with the creative potential of the Universal MindConstructive thinking allows us to overcome undesirable conditions.

(8.18) The source of all chaos is destructive thought.

(7.20) Insight enables us to understand the value of making application of knowledge we have learned. Many seem to think knowledge applies itself, which is by no means true.

(6.10) Men are learning the basic methods of constructive thinking. This allows them to control conditions and multiply effects in the objective world.

(5.13) The class of facts which can not be observed in the visual daily observation of life are esteemed most highly.

Destructive thought is entertaining visualizations that do not support our ideal state. We must apply this knowledge for it to make any difference. Constructive thinking empowers the manifestation of our ideal state. We learn by observing.

(5.18) When we learn of a fact we can be sure it is the result of a certain definite cause and this cause will operate with invariable precision.

(6.20) The result of a harmonious mental attitude is harmonious conditions in life.

(7.11) The degree of harmony we attain is determined by our ability to appropriate what we require for our growth from each experience.

(8.13) Success depends upon spiritual power.

All effects have causes. Maintaining a harmonious mental attitude supports the manifestation of those conditions. Harmony is acquired by applying what we have learned and allowing this knowledge to support and maintain a predominant mental attitude that aligns with the ideal state we desire to manifest.  This is spiritual power.

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