Half Stitch #6 (e)

(5.1) At least 90% of our mental life is subconscious.

(6.3) The conditions and experiences we meet in life are the result of the action and interaction of the individual upon the Universal.

(7.8) Earnest desire, confident expectation, and firm demand are necessary steps to bring this law into operation.

(8.10) Keen analytical observation leads to opulence and harmony.

(8.1) Imagination is a form of constructive thought. It is the light that penetrates new worlds of thought and experience; the mighty instrument by which every great discoverer of inventor opens the way from precedent to experience.

(7.3) Idealization is the process of visualizing or idealizing the conditions we desire to see manifested in life.

(6.8) Concentration may be maintained by practicing mental exercise. It must receive nourishment or it can not survive.

(5.10) The possession of power is contingent upon a proper use of the power already in our possession.

We relate to Universal Mind via the subconscious (1.4), which is why we must make every effort to bring subconscious content into conscious awareness (Individuation). Observation exposes unhealthy subconscious internal dialogues. Imagination is a tool to override the defaults of the subconscious and replace these with new, desire, internal dialogues. Absolute confidence and feeling (idealization) enhances the power of imagination. Concentration enhances visualization (mental pictures). We must integrate knowledge to become more powerful.

(6.1) Some of the effects produced by electricity are heat, light, power, and music.

(5.3) Few understand or appreciate that subconscious mind can be consciously controlled.

(8.8) The ideal held steadily in mind attracts the conditions necessary for its fulfillment.

(7.10) The alternative is to concentrate on conditions you desire to see manifested in life.

(7.1) Visualization is the process of creating mental pictures.

(8.3) The imagination can be cultivated by practicing mental exercise. It must receive nourishment or it cannot survive.

(5.8) The omnipresence of omniscience is the secret of power.

(6.10) We are learning the basic methods of constructive thinking. This allows us to change conditions and multiply effects in the objective world.

In many cases, subconscious defaults of thought and behavior are the cause of many of our ongoing drama (effects). Our directed attention determines our mood. By concentrating on our ideal, we can change our mood. Visualization is picturing our ideal. Intentional thinking, visualization and idealization is mental exercise. Each individual is capable of this unlimited creative potential, which makes this potential omnipresent. Applying these methods allows us to change conditions and multiply effects.

(5.11) Observe individual facts carefully, patiently, and accurately before venturing to make a statement of natural law.

(6.13) The creative power of thought originates in Universal Mind.

(7.18) We may overcome all fear, lack, limitation, poverty, and discord by substituting principle in place of error.

(8.20) Constructive thinking is a recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy (thought) and our ability to direst it.

(8.11) Wealth depends upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought.

(7.13) Suffering may be avoided by placing ourselves in harmony with natural law.

(6.18) All things originate in mind.

(5.20) Our best interest will be conserved by a recognition that a knowledge of the creative power of thought puts us in touch with infinite power.

Vocalizing our internal stories activates belief. Creative potential originates in the Universal. Utilize cause and effect to intentionally change mood; this is constructive thinking. The creative nature of thought (spiritual energy) is the source of all abundance and all lack. Understanding and applying this knowledge dissolves suffering. All manifestation begins in mind, with perception.

(6.11) The source of all wisdom, power, and intelligence, is Universal Mind.

(5.13) The class of facts that can not be observed in the visual daily observation of life are esteemed most highly.

(8.18) The source of all chaos is destructive thinking.

(7.20) Insight enables us to understand the value of making application of knowledge we have gained.

(7.11) The degree of harmony we attain is determined by our ability to appropriate what we require for our growth from each experience.

(8.13) Success depends upon spiritual power.

(5.18) When we learn of a fact we can be sure it is the result of a certain definite cause, and this cause will act with invariable precision.

(6.20) The result of a harmonious mental attitude is harmonious conditions in life.

Human potential originates in the creative potential of the Universal. What can not be observed is considered supernatural. Chaos and dysfunction are the result of thought that does not support our ideal state.  Learning allows us to transcend attachment to undesirable conditions. We must apply what we’ve learned. Spiritual power is our ability to think intentionally. Facts are observable phenomena.  A harmonious mental attitude is the key to maintaining happiness.

(5.21) Whenever we become conscious of power, it is manifested in the objective world; it is brought forth into tangible expression.

(6.23) A conscious recognition of this perfection–first mentally and then emotionally–results in a manifestation of this perfection.

(7.28) Concentrating on gain brings gain into effect.

(8.30) The result of constructive thinking is you will come to know the “father” as original divine consciousness, which really and truly lives within you and all things are possible and can demonstrated by anyone with sufficient understanding.

(8.21) Every system of metaphysics depends upon a knowledge of the truth concerning ourselves and the world.

(7.23) Selfish thought contains the germ of dissolution.

(6.28) For the first time in the worlds history, humanities highest reasoning faculty can be satisfied by demonstrate-able truth, which is fast flooding the world.

(5.30) The old regime is trying to cling to the fatalistic doctrine of divine election. The new regime recognizes the divinity of the individual; the democracy of humanity.

Applying knowledge is becoming conscious of power. Unapplied knowledge is the only thing preventing us from recognizing our perfection. Concentrating on abundance, creates an abundance mindset. Original divine awareness (Universal/creative potential) exists within each person.  Selfish thought erodes awareness. Metaphysics attempts to explain existential curiosity. This can be demonstrated by anyone with sufficient understanding. The old regime suggests that only a specially appointed people are capable of demonstration.

(6.21) Sickness may be eliminated by placing ourselves in harmony with natural law.

(5.23) Power is manifested through the individual. Each individual is a channel whereby power is manifested in form.

(8.28) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the Universal and bring into manifestation that which benefits ourselves and others.

(7.30) Success is an effect not a cause. If we wish to secure the effect, we must ascertain the cause–the thought or idea–by which the effect is created.

(7.21) The first law of success is service.

(8.23) To absolutely believe with confidence in the manifestation of conditions you desire is the method for destroying all forms of fear.

(5.28) Experience comes to us by the law of attraction.

(6.30) True science and true religion are twin sisters. Where the one goes, the other–necessarily–follows.

Natural law is the application of cause and effect; the acceptance of personal responsibility to maintain a positive mental attitude that supports our ideal state. This is the method for every individual to intentionally access unlimited creative potential. Success is the effect produced. We serve others by contagiously uplifting others to our higher vibration. This is enhanced by our belief  that our attitude is the cause, and how others feel is the effect. All experience is the result of cause & effect.


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