The First Mountain (a)

(1.1) Our perception of events–our experience–is a reflection of our predominant mental attitude.

Our predominant mental attitude determines the “meaning” of conditions we encounter in life. This “meaning” will determine whether we respond or react to opportunities.

(1.2) We are “possessed” by states of consciousness.

The ability to direct and maintain your ideal conscious state is the key factor in determining your moment-by-moment happiness.

(1.3) We relate to experience though neural-filters. The brain is the organ of this filters.

These neural-filters are the result of belief systems and coping mechanisms.

(1.4) We relate to creative potential through through the subconscious. The solar plexus is the organ of this relation.

We “hold” these neural-filters in our subconscious, which means that patterns of thought and behavior associated with these defaults are, by and large, not recognized by the conscious mind. This is the method by which we are “possessed,” by states of consciousness. (1.2)

(1.5) Creative Potential-The Universal-is the life principal of every atom in existence.

Unlimited Creative Potential-The Universal–is synonymous with Spirituality.

(1.6) Our ability to think is our ability to access the unlimited creative potential of the Universal and transform our perception of the physical world.

Thought is the connecting link between the finite (the individual) and the infinite (The Universal). Form is created when thought manifests in action and word. Perception is the filter of experience.

(1.7) The result of this action and interaction is cause & effect. Every thought is a cause. Every condition is an effect.

Attempting to change one effect for another without addressing the cause is redundant and destructive.

(1.8) Harmonious and desirable results are obtained by constructive thinking.

Constructive thinking is intentionally directing our attention to support our ideal state.

(1.9) Discord, disharmony, lack, and limitation, are the result of destructive thinking.

Destructive thinking is a regression into neural-filters that do not support our ideal state.

(1.10) All power is from within–the Universal fountain of supply–the infinite energy of each individual, an outlet.

Power is a recognition that conscious mind can intentionally redirect attention to ensure our thoughts create causes that produce desired effects.

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