The First Mountain (g)

(5.11) Observe individual facts carefully, patiently, and accurately, with all the instruments and resources at your command before venturing to make a statement of natural law.

Making a statement of natural law is speaking our thoughts into “reality.” Reality, in this context, is defined as that which is believed. When we speak, we reinforce our thoughts in such a way that we are able to influence ourselves and others, regardless of the “truth” of our words. This creates a “reality tunnel” that can potentially influence our choices, as well as the choices of others. This is why we must be so careful with our speech because our words must be in harmony with natural law (consciousness becoming aware of itself) or we will create difficulty and obstacle for ourselves and others.

(5.12) We may know this method is correct by not permitting a tyrannical prejudice to neglect or mutilate unwelcome facts.

Bias and defense mechanisms will sabotage our ideal state. We can be of the most service by keeping an open mind. (7.22)

(5.13) The class of facts that can not be observed in the visual daily observation of life are esteemed most highly.

Measurable patterns that are not observable seem supernatural. For example, on a sunny day I can not observe the approach of winter. As sudden change of weather is not always foreshadowed and, to the ancients, this would have seemed like a gesture from the gods.

(5.14) This principle is founded on reason and experience.

Ruminating mind is constantly working to provide meaning to experience. It does this by reasoning. In this way, mind is constantly creating “reality tunnels” to help us justify conditions we are encountering. This can be helpful in the short term, although when these “reality tunnels” become absolute truths–when they become the filter through which we experience conditions, they can sabotage our ability to respond to new opportunities.

(5.15) This principle destroys superstition, precedent, and conventionality.

A recognition of this principle and how it applies to the formation of our belief systems and dogmas will dissolve our attachment to the “reality tunnels” formed by ruminating mind. This may or may not be healthy experience for the individual.

(5.16) These laws have been discovered by a generation of facts that are unusual, rare, strange, and form the exception.

Natural laws have been recognized through prolonged observation. Likewise, observation is, also, the method by which we can understand the influence of our biological drives and psychological forces with regards to the emergence of consciousness within the physical form we embody.

(5.17) We may account for strange and unusual phenomena by the creative power of thought.

Yes, this includes ghosts, big-foot, ufos, God, etc. Just because you “see” it, does not mean anyone else does. Thought is powerful enough to create visual hallucinations… even mass hysteria.

 (5.18) When we learn of a fact we can be sure it is the result of a certain definite cause and this cause will act with invariable precision.

Whatever we determine to be reality is, in this context, a fact. These “facts” are effects and all effects are the result of a cause.

(5.19) This knowledge explains the cause of every possible condition–spiritual, mental, and physical.

Directed attention is always the cause.

(5.20) Our best interest will be conserved by a recognition that a knowledge of the creative power of thought puts us in touch with infinite power.

When we intentionally direct our attention, all things are possible.




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