The First Mountain (h)

(6.21) Sickness may be eliminated by placing ourselves in harmony with natural law.

Natural law is the “divine” plan wherein Universal consciousness will become aware of itself through the manifestation of itself within nature (humanity).

(6.22) Man is a spiritual being and this spirit must, necessarily, be perfect.

Spiritual refers to the ability of the individual to communicate with the Universal. This is accomplished through conscious and/or subconscious thought.

(6.23) A knowledge of this perfection–first mentally, then emotionally–results in a manifestation of this perfection.

Intentional (conscious) thought produces desired results.

(6.24) Thought is spiritual and, therefore, creative and will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation.

The object of our thought is what our attention is directed to.

(6.25) The rate of vibration is then brought into operation for the greater good.

Thought is carried by the rate of vibration. (4.4) This rate fluctuates depending on the quality of our directed attention; wether the object of our thought is in harmony with the goal of consciousness to become aware of itself.

(6.26) A higher rate of vibration governs, modifies, controls, changes, or destroys a lower rate of vibration.

A higher rate of vibration is in harmony with natural law.

(6.27) Millions are making use of mental therapeutics.

Mental therapeutics is practicing mental exercise to strengthen our ability to form mental pictures, which empowers our ability to feel the conditions we desire to see manifested.

(6.28) For the first time in the worlds history, humans highest reasoning faculty can be satisfied by demonstrate-able truth, which is fast flooding the world.

Our highest reasoning faculty is mind. Mind is constantly seeking and–in most cases–creating “solutions” (reality tunnels) to help  us cope with conditions. Demonstrate-able truth is the principle of cause and effect. Thought will consistently produce a change in perception. This is demonstrate-able.

(6.29) This system will meet every human requirement or necessity.

This principle is empowered by unlimited creative potential.

(6.30) True science and true religion are twin sisters. Where the one goes, the other–necessarily–follows.

Religion is based on observation (science) that has become dogma.



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