TFM Criss-Cross #1

(1.1) The world without is a reflection of the world within.

(4.1) Thought is spiritual energy.

(2.11) Abundance is the offspring of power.

(7.1) Visualization is the process of creating mental pictures.

(8.11) Abundance is secured by an understanding of the creative nature of thought.

(3.21) Extremes are designated by distinctive names such as inside and out, top and bottom, light and dark, good and bad.

(5.11) Observe individual facts carefully, patiently, and accurately before venturing to make a statement of natural law.

(6.21) Sickness may be eliminated by placing ourselves in harmony with natural law.

Our perception of conditions in life is determined by our attitude because thought is  filtered through attitude. Since thought is spiritual energy, abundance is the result of constructive thought. The creative nature of thought empowers imagination and causes mind to form mental pictures. The quality of these mental pictures is determined by a designation–an extreme–by which we identify pleasant conditions from undesired ones. For this reason, we must take every precaution to speak only when we are confident that the effects produced will support our ideal state. In this way, we may eliminate all undesirable conditions.

(6.30) True science and true religion are twin sisters. Where the one goes, the other, necessarily, follows.

(5.20) Our best interest will be conserved by a recognition of the fact that a knowledge of the creative nature of thought puts us in touch with infinite power.

(3.30) The individual is so important because the Universal is static and requires energy to start it in motion. This is furnished by food which is converted into energy and, in turn, allows the individual to think. When he stops eating he stops thinking. He no longer acts upon the Universal. There is, consequently, no action or interaction. The Universal is pure mind in static form; mind at rest.

(8.20) Constructive thinking is a recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy and our ability to direct it.

(7.10) The alternative to concentrating on fear is concentrating on conditions we desire to see manifest in life.

(2.20) Thought will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation because thought is a product of the spiritual man and spirit is the creative principle of the universe.

(4.10) The silence is the first step toward self control; self mastery.

(1.10) All power comes from within–the universal fountain of supply; the infinite energy of each individual, an outlet.

Science and religion are both based on observation of natural phenomena. The creative power of thought can be observed. Each individual has the ability to consciously access this creative power through intentional directed attention. This is constructive thinking. By directing attention towards gratitude and our ideal state, our attitude towards conditions may be transformed from a negative perception to a positive one. Thought determines attitude. Attitude determines thought. Remaining still is a step toward cultivating Self control. When we realize that thought shapes our experience, we must take responsibility.



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