TFM Criss-Cross #2

(1.2) All possession is based on consciousness.

(4.2) Thought is carried by the law of vibration.

(2.12) Possessions are of value only as they confer power.

(7.2) By holding an image or picture in mind, we gradually–but surely–draw the thing nearer to us.

(8.12) The true value of wealth is its exchange value.

(3.22) These are not separate entities, but parts or aspects of the whole.

(5.12) We may know this method is correct by not permitting a tyrannical prejudice to neglect or mutilate unwelcome facts.

(6.22) Man is a spiritual being and this spirit must, necessarily, be perfect.

We are possessed by internal dialogues, which indicate states of consciousness. These dialogues radiate like waves of vibration. Material possessions only have value if they give way to more power. Creating vivid mental pictures leads to concentration, which empowers our ability to direct attention. Wealth is the ability to trade. Extremes are designations that help us identify desire from repulsion. We may transcend extremes by listening without prejudice. We are spiritual because thought allows us to access creative potential. We can transcend emotional attachment because we are spiritual.

(6.29) This system will meet every human requirement or necessity.

(5.19) This knowledge explains the cause of every possible condition, spiritual, mental, and physical.

(3.29) Creative power originates in the universal but can manifest itself, only, through the individual.

(8.19) The source of all abundance is constructive thinking.

(7.9) Many fail to secure harmonious conditions because they focus on loss, disease, and disaster. The law is working perfectly. Fear is manifesting.

(2.19) A conscious recognition of cause and effect with the intention of bringing it into operation for a definite purpose is necessary to consciously utilize this principle.

(4.9) The silence is a physical stillness.

(1.9) All lack, limitation, disease, and disaster are the result of destructive thinking.

All effects have a cause. Utilizing a knowledge of  cause and effect is constructive thought. Creative power is expressed in effects. Thoughts are the cause. This principle applies regardless of wether the effect is desired. We may develop the concentration to direct our attention by remaining still. If we direct attention towards undesired conditions, these will manifest.



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