TFM Criss-Cross #4

(1.4) We relate to the Universal Mind by the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind.

(4.4) Thought takes form by the law of growth.

(2.14) Life originates in the inorganic world only by the introduction of a living form. There is no other way.

(7.4) “Seeing” creates “feeling,” “feeling” creates “being.” First the mental, then the emotional, then the unlimited possibilities of achievement.

(8.14) Spiritual power depends upon use. Use determines its existence.

(3.24) We are related to this creative principle by our ability to think.

(5.14) This principle is founded on reason and experience.

(6.24) Thought is spiritual and, therefore, creative and will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation.

Our ability to relate to Universal Mind is what produces a conscious use of cause and effect.  The inorganic world is the Primordial. Thought grows into form through visualization and idealization (feeling). Being is life. We must exercise this spiritual power by consciously directing attention (thinking). Reason and experience have revealed cause and effect. We know this is spiritual because creating effects depends upon interacting with creative potential (Universal).

(6.27) Millions are making use of mental therapeutics.

(5.17) We may account for strange and unusual phenomena by the creative power of thought.

(3.27) The rate of vibration may be changed by mental action.

(8.17) Thought is spiritual and therefore creative. To consciously direct thought is to therefore, direct circumstances, conditions, environment, and destiny.

(7.7) The necessary condition for the materialization of the ideal in the objective world is cause and effect, the natural law by which all conditions and experiences are brought about.

(2.17) Causation depends upon polarity. A circuit must be formed. the Universal is the positive side of the battery of life, the individual is the negative, and thought forms the circuit.

(4.7) The secret of power is service.

(1.7) The result of the interaction between the individual and the Universal is cause and effect. Every thought is a cause. Every condition is an effect.

Mental therapeutics is a conscious use of cause and effect. The nature of our thought produces a specific rate of vibration, which accounts for all phenomena.  Consciously directing our attention is contingent upon accepting responsibility. When we blame others we are reinforcing a message to our subconscious (which relates this message to  the Universal) that we are helpless, and the Universal creates these conditions for us to experience. The interaction between the conscious mind and the subconscious is polarity. We serve (and/or are possessed by) the object of our thought. As a result of this polarity, cause and effect is produced.

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