The Second Mountain (b)

(5.1) About 90% of our mental life is subconscious.

This 90% makes up our “default programs.”  In tandem with biological functions, behavior has developed by learned experience and reinforced through belief systems.

(5.2) This vast mental storehouse is generally not utilized.

Most people are unaware of the influence conscious mind has over the subconscious.

(5.3) Few understand or appreciate that subconsciously mind can be consciously controlled.

Most people are unaware of their ability to consciously change these default systems.

(5.4) The conscious mind receives its governing tendencies from heredity, which means it is the result of all past generations.

If we take no initiative to “reprogram,” these defaults, our behavior will be shaped by the most influential factors within our early childhood experience.

(5.5) Cause & Effect is bringing us to “our own.”

All thoughts are causes. All perceptions are effects.

(5.6) “Our own” is who we inherently are, the result of all past thinking–both conscious and subconscious.

Our predominant mental attitude defines our experience.

(5.7) We compose and construct our mental home by the thoughts we entertain.

Our predominant mental attitude is developed by thinking. What we tend to think about the most-the state these thoughts put us–become our identity.

(5.8) A recognition of the omnipresence of omniscience is the secret of power.

A recognition that each individual (omnipresent) is an outlet of unlimited creative potential (omniscience) is the secret of power.

(5.9) All life and power are from within.

Everything has its origin in mind.

(5.10) The possession of power is contingent upon a proper use of the power already in our possession.

Like exercising a muscle, the more we reinforce thoughts, the more “real” they become.

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