The Second Mountain (c)

(8.1) Imagination is a form of constructive thought. It is the light that penetrates new worlds of thought and experience. It is the mighty instrument by which every great discoverer and inventor opens the way from precedent to experience.

Imagination is the method by which thought is converted into feeling.

(8.2) The cultivation of the imaginations leads to the development of the ideal, out of which your future will emerge.

Our ideal state is the result of our predominant mental attitude. This means that our ideal state is determined by what we think and feel most often, NOT by what we think about once in a while in between feeling terrible and complaining that life is not what we desire.

(8.3) The imagination can be cultivated by practicing mental exercise. It must receive nourishment or it can not survive.

Mental exercise is intentionally directing our thought. Repeated actions like memorization can be very effective, as well as visualization exercises.

(8.4) Daydreaming is a form of mental dissipation while the imagination is a form of constructive thought, which precedes all constructive action.

Daydreaming is what happens when ruminating minds directs our thoughts, rather than intention. This leads to scattered mind.

(8.5) Mistakes are a result of ignorance.

Ignorance is a lack or knowledge and/or a lack of applied knowledge.

(8.6) Knowledge is a result of our ability to think.

Thought makes knowledge possible.

(8.7) Mind is the very real moving force by which we attract the people and circumstances necessary for the achievement of our plans.

Mind is the engine of thought.

(8.8) The ideal held steadily in mind attracts the conditions necessary for its fulfillment.

Any image and feeling that persists in mind will shape our perception of conditions.

(8.9) The development of imagination, insight, perception and sagacity are the result of keen analytical information.

Imagination is directed thought toward our ideal state.

Insight is the result of applied knowledge.

Perception is a result of our predominant mental attitude.

Sagacity is wise and prudent discernment.

(8.10) Keen analytical observation leads to opulence and harmony.

Opulence is fantastical abundance.

Harmony is equilibrium between polarity.


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