TSM criss-cross #2

(2.2) Ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the conscious mind.

(5.2) This vast mental storehouse is generally not utilized.

(8.2) The cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of the ideal from which your future will emerge.

(3.12) Inductive reasoning is a method of study which has revealed a reign of law which marks an epoch in human progress.

(6.12) All motion, light, heat, and color have their origin in Universal Energy which is one form of Universal Mind. 

(1.22) Invisible forces are then set in motion which irresistibly bring about conditions in correspondence with our thoughts.

(4.22) Power depends upon recognition and use.

(7.22) We may be of the most service by having an open mind; be interested in the race not the goal; the pursuit rather than the possession.

Mastery is the result of “reprograming” the subconscious. This is accomplished by consciously reinforcing habitual behavior that supports our ideal state. When the subconscious is utilized to work for us, imagination produces inspiring ideas. Inductive reasoning is the observation of patterns. If we observe it, we can change it. This is cause and effect (Natural Law). Utilizing cause and effect is power, in service to ourselves and others.

(7.29) This is the only principle ever used or ever can be used. There is no other principle. The fact that it may be used unconsciously does not alter the situation.

(4.29) Inspiration is the art of self-realization, the art of adjusting the individual will to the will of the universal; a recognition of the omnipresence of omniscience.

(1.29) Intuition is superior to reason because it does not depend on experience or memory and frequently brings about the solution to our problems by methods concerning which we are in entire ignorance.

(6.19) The result of a change in thought is a change in perception.

(3.19) The law of attraction (cause & effect) is the law by which faith is brought forth into manifestation.

(8.9) The development of imagination, insight, perception, and sagacity, are the result of keen analytical observation.

(5.9) All life and power from within.

(2.9) This is cause & effect.

Cause and effect is natures law. Inspiration comes as a result of our awareness and willingness to apply this knowledge and adjust ourselves to this law by taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions. In this way, we “listen” to our intuition. There is no one else to blame. No one is coming to save us. By changing how we think we change our perception of conditions, which changes conditions. Observation empowers us.


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