The Third Mountain (b)

(6.1) Some of the effects that can be produced by electricity are heat, light, power, and music.Energy empowers many of the tools that enrich our experience. .
(6.2) These effects depend upon the mechanism to which electricity as attached.These tools are connected to an energy source.
(6.3) The conditions and experiences we meet in life are the result of the action and interaction of the individual upon the Universal.Thought is spiritual energy. It is “spiritual” because it involves the Universal, which is “outside” of physical manifestation.
(6.4) These effects can be changed by changing the mechanism to which the Universal is differentiated.Perceptions of experience are the effects. Thoughts are the cause, by which we are related to the Universal.
(6.5) This mechanism is the brain.The brain is responsible for generating thought.
(6.6) This may be changed by the process called thinking. Thoughts create brain cells and these cells respond to the corresponding thought in the Universal.The Universal (unlimited creative potential) is a multiverse of infiinite possibilities. Quantum physics interprets these as alternate dimensions. When our intention is communicated to the Universal via the Solar Plexus, it is supported by this “corresponding thoughtin the Universal.
(6.7) Concentration is the highest personal achievement that can be acquired. It is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful person.Success is dependent on being able to consistently direct our attention toward what we desire.
(6.8) Concentration may be acquired by practicing mental exercise. It must receive nourishment or it can not survive.Mental exercise is intentionally directing our attention toward activities that require concentration.
(6.9) Concentration is so important because it allows us to control our thoughts and since every thought is a cause, every condition is an effect. Therefore, if we control he cause, we control the effect.Concentration allows us to develop mindful awareness of our thoughts and the consequences they produce.
(6.10) We are learning the basic methods of constructive thought, which allows us to direct conditions and multiply effects in the objective world.With mindful awareness, we can create and maintain the experiences we desire.

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