The Third Mountain (g)

(5.21) Whenever we become conscious of power it is manifested in the objective world.

Power is an awareness that our directed attention is a cause that will produce an effect.

(5.22) The source of all power is Universal Mind, from which all things proceed, which is one and indivisible.

Our thought is “charged” by the unlimited creative power of the Universal.

(5.23) Power is manifested through the individual. Each individual is a channel whereby power is differentiated in form.

Each individual who can think is a channel of this unlimited creative potential, which is why we must take responsibility for directing our attention.

(5.24) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the Universal and bring our desires into manifestation.

Thought is the connecting link between the Individual and the Universal. (2.25)

(5.25) The result is nothing short of marvelous. It opens unprecedented and limitless opportunity.

Unlimited creative potential of the Universal becomes unlimited creative opportunities available to the individual who learns to direct their attention.

(5.26) We may eliminate imperfect conditions by a recognition of our unity with the source of all power.

The source of all power is cause and effect, as demonstrated by an individuals to think.

(5.27) The Master Mind thinks big thoughts. They hold ideas big enough to counteract or destroy all petty and annoying obstacles.

By securing goals (thoughts) bigger than our immediate goal, our immediate goal becomes easier.

(5.28) Experience comes to us through the law of attraction (cause & effect).

Experience is an effect. Thought is the cause that creates what our experience feels like.

(5.29) This principal is brought into operation by our predominant mental attitude.

Our predominant mental attitude is the filter by which we feel experience.

(5.30) The old regime is trying to cling to the fatalistic doctrine of divine election. The new regime recognizes the divinity of the individual; the democracy of humanity.

The “old regime” saw humans as, essentially, helpless to the whims of nature or gods. The”new regime” recognizes that an individuals perception will shape their experience, regardless of the conditions.


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