TTM criss-cross #4

(3.4) The distribution of energy throughout the body may be interrupted by resistant, critical, discordant thought, but especially by fear.

(6.4) These conditions can be changed by changing the mechanism by which the brain is differentiated.

(1.14) With knowledge of the truth we can readily predict the results of any action based on a true premise.

(4.14) Thought takes form by the law of growth.

(7.14) The law of attraction is the principle by which thought manifests in form.

(2.24) The Universal creates form by means of the individual

(5.24) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon Universal Energy, and what we think is produced or created in the objective world.

(8.24) The Universal mind–in which we live and move and have our being–is one and indivisible. This makes it just as possible to help others as it is to help ourselves.

The distribution of energy through the body is essential to maintain health. This distribution is affected by the quality of our thought. The “truth” is the quality of our thought. This “truth” determines our perception of experience. This process is the law of growth, which is the principle by which we attract new conditions. Thought is, thus, our ability to connect with unlimited creative potential (the Universal). This allows us to change perceptions and conditions for others, in addition to ourselves.

(8.27) The nature of Universal mind is spiritual and consequently creative. It seeks to express itself in form.

(5.27) The Master Mind thinks big thoughts; he holds ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all petty and annoying obstacles.

(2.27) This principle is brought into effect by the law of vibration.

(7.17) Undesirable conditions are brought about by thinking, discussing and visualizing conditions of lack, limitation, disease, inharmony and discord of every kind. This mental photography of erroneous conceptions is the taken up by the subconscious and the law of attraction crystalizes it into objective form. That we reap what we sow is scientifically intact.

(4.17) It is invincible because it is a natural law. All natural laws are invincible, unchangeable and act with mathematical certitude, without deviation or variation.

(1.17) The nature of truth is spiritual. 

(6.7) Concentration is the highest personal achievement that can be required. It is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman.

(3.7) This energy may be controlled and directed by conscious thought.

Unlimited creative potential becomes form by thought. Big thoughts are concentrated attention. The law of vibration is the resonance of our thoughts. Thus, undesirable conditions (the effects) are the result of vibrations that originate by entertaining undesirable thoughts (the cause). The only absolutes are what we observe in nature. Concentration is directed energy/attention.

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