2nd Key reverse (odd)

(2.29) We give thought.

(2.27) This principle is brought into operation by the law of vibration.

(2.25) Thought is the connecting link between the individual and the Universal.

(2.23) Creative power originates in the Universal.

(2.21) Individuals are measured by the degree of intelligence they manifest.

We give thought” refers to directing our attention toward others.  Others “receive” (are influenced by) these thoughts because thought vibrates it resonates from us like radio waves from a transmission tower. In this way, thought also is “received” by the Universal (unlimited creative potential).

Individuals can be identified by their awareness of the importance of their thoughts.

(2.19) A conscious recognition of the law of attraction (cause & effect) with the intention of bringing it into existence for a definite purpose is necessary to utilize this law to bring our desires into manifestation.

(2.17) Causation depends upon polarity. A circuit must be formed. The individual is the positive side of the battery of life. The individual is the negative and thought forms the circuit.

(2.15) Thought is the connecting link between the finite and the infinite.

(2.13) A knowledge of cause and effect allows men to plan courageously and execute fearlessly.

(2.11) Wealth is the offspring of power.

Intention prompts us to take responsibility for our thoughts because they are the cause of how we perceive conditions. Perception determines wether we respond or react to conditions, and this choice–to respond or react–is what creates new conditions we experience. This process is often called the law of attraction.

Cause and effect is an example of polarity, as is the interaction between the individual and the Universal; the finite and the infinite.

Causation is why conditions change. Power is an ability to intentionally change conditions.

(2.9) This is cause and effect.

(2.7) If our desires are in harmony with the forward movement of the great whole, forces will be set in motion to bring about the desired results.

(2.5) Conscious mind is reasoning will.Subconscious mind is instinctive desire, the result of past reasoning will.

(2.3) The value of the subconscious is enormous. It guides us. It warns us. It controls the vital processes and is the seat of memory.

(2.1) There are two modes of mental activity-conscious and subconscious.

The “forward movement of the great whole” refers to the progress of nature., which depends upon causation ((cause & effect). To be in harmony with nature is, then, to understand the value in directing our attention. We gain this ability by making conscious choices that support our ideal state. Habitual thoughts and actions become subconscious beliefs.




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