1 | 2 (staggered) 16-30

(1.16) We may know the truth by a recognition of truth as the vital principle of the universe.

(2.17) Causation depends upon mental activity. The individual is the positive side of the battery of life. the individual is the negative, and thought forms the circuit.

(1.18) The secret to the solution of every problem is to apply spiritual truth.

(2.19) A conscious recognition of Cause & Effect with the intention of bringing it into existence for a definite purpose is necessary to utilize this law for the manifestation of our ideal.

(1.20) A recognition of the omniscience of Cause & Effect with the desire of being a recipient of its beneficial effects is necessary for spiritual methods to be used.

Truth is what we choose to believe, and belief motivates all thought and action. Causation is polarity and becomes what we understand as extremes/absolutes. Truth is spiritual because it depends on thought. Initiative and intention empower Cause & Effect.

(2.21) Individuals are measured by the degree of intelligence they manifest.

(1.22) Invisible forces are then set in motion to bring about the desired result.

(2.23) Creative power originates in the Universal.

(1.24) The nature of our desires must be in harmony with natural law.

(2.25) Thought is the connecting link between the individual and the Universal.

Intelligence is reflected in an individuals ability to remain mindful. Invisible forces are like the pull of gravity between the object of our thought and desire. Power is the ability to change conditions. Nature’s law is the principle of life.

(1.26) The control factor of every commercial pursuit is the mental element.

(2.27) This law is brought into effect by the law of vibration.

(1.28) Concentration operates by the development of the powers of perception, wisdom, intuition and sagacity.

(2.29) We give thought.

(1.30) The symbol is the outward form of the spiritual reality within. Therefore, unless we possess the spiritual reality, the form disappears.


The mental element is the utilization of Cause & Effect to direct our thoughts toward the manifestation of an ideal. The law of vibration is the signal by which thought is transmitted. Concentrated belief is power. We give thought by directing our attention to others. Spiritual reality is feeling.

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