Manipura (e)

(3.25) Thought is the seed that results in action; action results in form.

(3.15) Jesus, Plato, and Swedenborg all advocated this teaching.

(3.5) The result of this disruption is every ill which the human race has been afflicted.

(2.25) Thought is the connecting link between the finite and the infinite.

(2.15) Thought is the connecting link between the individual and the Universal.

(2.5) Conscious Mind is reasoning will. Subconscious mind is instinctive desire–the result of past reasoning will.

(1.25) Thought is transmuted into character and character is the magnet that creates the environment of the individual.

(1.15) If the premise is false, we are unable to form a conception of the results that may ensue.

(1.5) The Universal Mind is the life principle of every atom in existence.

What we think impacts the decisions we make. These decisions are actions and lead to further action. In this way, thought is transmuted into character.  The teaching is cause & effect; every thought is a cause because thought connects us with unlimited creative power within the Universal. Energy distribution in the body is disrupted by thought that does not support our ideal state. Reasoning will is directed thought.  The premise is what we believe to be truth. All form originates from the creative potential of the Universal.

(1.6) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the Universal and bring it into existence.

(1.16) We may know the truth by a recognition of truth as the vital principle of the Universe, and therefore omnipresent.

(1.26) The controlling factor of every commercial pursuit is the mental element.

(2.6) To impress the subconscious, mentally state what is wanted.

(2.16) The Universal Mind can manifest itself, only, through the individual.

(2.26) The Means Of Existence are carried into effect by the law of love.

(3.6) This energy may be consciously directed by conscious thought.

(3.16) We are thinking on the plane of the absolute where–having planted a seed–if left undisturbed, will germinate into fruition.

(3.26) Form depends upon the rate of vibration.

Thinking is the art of mentally speaking. This mental speak is the language we use to communicate with the Universal. All mental speak is understood by the Universal as a desire. An understanding of this allows us to understand that though is what we believe to be true, wether we consciously agree with our thoughts. The Universal can only create form in response to “mental speak.” We can direct our thoughts with initiative. The law of love is the service of life to thrive. When our thoughts are supported by love, they are invincible. The rate of vibration are the “waves” by which thought is transmitted.



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