Anahata (a)

(4.1) Thought is spiritual energy.

(3.11) Inductive reasoning is a process of the objective mind in which we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that gives rise to them all.

(2.21) Individuals are measured by the degree of conscious awareness they manifest.

Taking initiative to direct our attention ensures the spiritual energy generated by our thoughts will produce conditions relating to our desire.

By closely observing the causes and the effects they produce, we we may utilize inductive reasoning to determine how to direct our attention to generate spiritual energy that supports our ideal.

We relate to those people who resonate with our degree of conscious awareness.

(2.30) We receive thought, which is substance in equilibrium and is constantly being differentiated in form by what we think.

(3.20) Cause & Effect has eliminated the elements of caprice and uncertainty in our lives and substituted law, reason, and certitude.

(4.10) Silence is the first step toward Self control; Self mastery.

Thought/spiritual energy is constantly in motion (differentiated in form) as a result of redirecting our attention from one thing to the next and by the reaction or response to the energy/attention directed toward us by others.

Cause & Effect is a guiding principle of experience. If we take the initiative to utilize this principle–by consciously directing our attention/thoughts–we can eliminate the elements of caprice (mood swings) and uncertainty (self doubt) from our experience.





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