Anahata (d)

(4.4) Thought is carried by vibration.

(3.14)  The formula for the unerring solution to every problem is to believe our desires have already been full-filled; their accomplishment will soon follow.

(2.24) The Universal creates form by means of the individual.

Thought is “transmitted” between individuals by waves of vibration.

Belief is confidence in truth. Truth–in this context–is the story we tell ourselves (not to be confused with an “absolute.”)

Creative potential requires thought to give it form.

(2.27) Love is brought into effect by vibration.

(3.17) This belief is scientifically intact because it is a principle found in al of nature.

(4.7) The secret of power is service.

Love is demonstrated by action, which originates with thought, hence, vibration–as the “carrier” of thought–brings love into effect.

Scientifically intact,” in this context, is an “absolute,” demonstrated by its consistency as a pattern throughout nature.

Service is an expression of love.

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