Vishuddha (d)

(5.4) Conscious mind receives its governing tendencies from heredity, which means it is the result of all past generations.

(4.14) The result of understanding patterns within nature is a recognition that we can adjust ourselves to these divine and unchanging principles.

(3.24) We are related to this creative principle by our ability to think.

In addition to the behavioral patterns associated with DNA, conscious mind learns through observation and experience. Thus, we develop patterns of behavior  from our parents, who learned them from their parents.

Nature is a template of experience.

Universal Mind is the creative principle of every atom in existence. (1.5)

(3.27) The rate of vibration may be changed by mental action.

(4.17) Any thought impregnated with love is invincible because it is natures pattern. It is invincible, unchangeable, and acts with mathematical exactitude-without deviation or variation.

(5.7) We compose and construct our mental home by the thoughts we entertain.

Thought is carried by vibration. (4.2) It may be changed by changing what we are thinking about.

Love is the cultivation of life, and the patterns by which this is carried out can be observed and applied to out thought process.

Our mental home is our predominant mental attitude.


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