Vishuddha (e)

(5.5) Cause & effect bring us to “our own.”

Our own” is conditions based on what our predominant mental attitude expects.

Cause & effect is the process by which nature evolves. If I am driving a car and it stops working–the effect–I can get angry and grumble about how bad things always happen to me and offer prayers and petitions to any number of gods, OR I can begin to observe the situation I am in, take note of the fact that there is no more gas in the tank–the cause–fill it up, and be on my way.

(4.15) The degree of success we achieve is indicated by the degree in which we realize that we can not change the infinite but must cooperate with it.

The infinite is the process of nature unfolding, which we call natural law.

(3.25) Thought is the seed that results in action. Action results in form.

Thought inspire us to act and our actions result in the creation of new conditions.

(3.26) Form depends upon the rate of vibration.

(4.16) Cause & effect rests on vibration which–in turn–rests on love. This is the principle which gives thought it’s dynamic power. Any thought impregnated with love is invincible.

(5.6) “Our own” is who we inherently are, the result of all past thinking, both conscious and subconscious.

Just as different sound vibrations produce different sounds, different thoughts produce different vibrations that result in the creation of unique conditions (form).

Love is a recognition and support of the emergence of consciousness in all creation.

Subconscious thought is the foundation upon which our predominant mental attitude resides.

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