Anja (4)

(6.4) Conditions we encounter may be changed by changing the mechanism by which the Universal is differentiated.

(5.14) This principle has been discovered by reason and experience.

(4.24) The great business of life is constructive thinking.

The Universal is creative power. It is differentiated to our brain via thought, so if we change our thought, we may change conditions.

Constructive thinking is thought that is empowered by a utilization of cause & effect.

(4.27) The cause of all lack, limitation, disease, inharmony and discord, is the result of the exact same law. This law works relentlessly and is continuously bringing about conditions in correspondence with the thought that originates or creates them.

(5.17) We may account for strange and unusual phenomena by the creative power of thought.

(6.7) Concentration is the highest personal achievement that can be acquired. It is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman.

Cause & effect operates regardless of our belief or initiative.

Concentration is the ability to strategically direct our attention.

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