Bindu (a)

(7.1) Visualization is the process of creating mental pictures.

(6.11) The source of all wisdom, power, and intelligence, is Universal Mind.

(5.21) Whenever we become conscious of power it is manifested in the objective world; it is brought forth into tangible expression.

Creating mental pictures prompts us to “feel,” and “feeling” is the power behind belief.

Universal Mind is the energetic center of all things.

Power is our ability to change conditions.

(5.30) The old regime is trying to cling to the fatalistic doctrine of divine election while the new regime recognizes the divinity of the individual; the democracy of humanity.

(6.20) The result of a harmonious mental attitude is harmonious conditions in life.

(7.10) The alternative is to concentrate on conditions you desire to see manifested in life.

The old regime is any system that advocates dependency on the system.

A harmonious mental attitude is facilitated by a positive predominant mental attitude.

Concentration is the suspension of undesirable thoughts.


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