Bindu (b)

(7.2) By holding an image or picture in mind, we gradually–but surely–draw the thing nearer to us.

(6.12) All motion, light, heat, and color, have their origin in Universal energy, which is one form of Universal mind.

(5.22) The source of all power is Universal Mind, from which all things proceed and which is one and indivisible.

The images we hold in our mind–like the stories repeated by ruminating mind–cause us to “feel.” This can be empowering or rehabilitating, depending on the mental images and/or story.

All energy is generated from the Universal.

Power is the ability to change conditions. Thus, anything that empowers us to change conditions may be considered a source for power.

(5.29) This principle is brought into effect by the law of vibration.

(6.19) The result of a change in thought is a change in condition.

(7.9) Many fail because they focus on loss, disease, and disaster. This law is working perfectly; fear is manifesting.

Vibration is the key to communication.

Our thoughts determine how we perceive conditions and–in this way–change what we believe about the condition.

What we focus on becomes our perception of reality, which affects how we feel, and this “feeling” is what activates our belief.

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