Sahasrara (b)

(8.2) The cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of the ideal, upon which our future emerges.

(7.12) Difficulty and obstacles are necessary for wisdom and spiritual growth.

(6.22) We are spiritual beings and our spirits must, necessarily, be perfect.

(1.2) All possession is based on consciousness.

We are controlled by thoughts that possess our attention. Our ability to direct our attention rather than be controlled by psychological forces and biological drives is what makes us spiritual beings.

Mental exercise is any activity that demands our attention and silences internal chatter. Difficulty and obstacle provide the resistance that allows us to develop the ability to direct our attention.

(1.9) Discord, inharmony, lack and limitation, are the result of destructive thinking.

(6.29) This system will meet every human requirement or necessity.

(7.19) A conscious recognition of the truth invariably destroys error. We do not have to laboriously shovel the darkness out. All that is required is to turn the light on. This same principle applies to every form of negative thought.

(8.9) The development of imagination, insight, perception, and sagacity, is the result of keen analytical observation.

Truth is what we believe. We determine what we believe by what we observe, or chose not to observe. When we believe, we feel, and feeling activates creative potential.

Destructive thinking is entertaining thoughts that do not support the outcome we desire. Constructive thinking–thoughts that support our desires–is sufficient to meet our needs.


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