Svadhisthana (c)

(2.3) The value of the subconscious is enormous. It guides us. It warns us. It controls the vital processes and is the seat of memory.

(1.13) A knowledge of the truth is the underlying condition necessary for every business transaction and social relation.

(8.13) Success depends upon spiritual power.

(7.23) Selfish thought contains the germ of dissolution.

The subconscious takes care of tasks so the conscious mind has the freedom to learn new things. The “truth” is what we believe. Spiritual power is intentionally using cause & effect to generate your desires, however, your desires must not be selfish.

(7.28) The source of all harmony is constructive thought.

(8.18) Thought is spiritual and, therefore, creative. To consciously control thought is to control circumstance, conditions, environment, and destiny.

(1.18) The secret to the solution of every problem is to apply spiritual truth.

(2.8) Our environment reflects conditions corresponding with our predominant mental attitude.

Constructive thought supports our ideal state of being. Thought is spiritual because thought is the method by which the individual transmits desire to unlimited creative potential.

Whatever we think is interpreted as desire.

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