Svadhisthana (d)

(2.4) The conscious mind has the faculty of discrimination. It has the power of reasoning. It is the seat of the will and may impress the subconscious.

(1.14) If we know the truth, we can readily accept the outcome of every outcome based on a true premise.

(8.14) Spiritual power depends upon use; use determines its existence.

(7.24) Our greatest success will be achieved by a recognition of the fact that it is just as essential to give as it is to receive.

Consciousness mind is reasoning will. Subconscious mind is instinctive desire-the result of past reasoning will. Truth is what we believe. Spiritual power is our ability to consciously direct our attention to support our ideal state of being. Giving is an expression of love.

(7.27) The source of all discord is destructive thought.

(8.17) Thought is spiritual and, therefore, creative. To consciously control thought is to therefore control circumstance, conditions, environment and destiny.

(1.17) The nature of truth is spiritual.

(2.7) If our desires are in harmony with the forward movement of the great whole, forces will be set in motion to bring about the desired result.

Destructive thought is directed attention away from our ideal state of being. Truth is what we believe. It is spiritual because what we believe is a result of our thoughts are transmitted to unlimited creative potential. “The forward movement of the great whole,” is the law of love, which is the unification of all creation with the source of all creation. This is accomplished by bringing our thoughts into captivity and (re) directing our full attention in support of–in harmony with–our ideal state of being.



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